West of England Supported Bus Services Survey

Closed 28 Nov 2021

Opened 18 Oct 2021


The West of England Combined Authority provides support to several bus services, we call these supported bus services. These services operate under contract to the authority and as part of a review we want to gain the thoughts of our existing passengers and potential new passengers.

We would like to know how supported bus services can be improved, what would encourage you to use bus services more often and what they will look like in the future.

Bus services operating in the West of England

Most of the bus services operating in the West of England are ‘commercial services’ run by private businesses for profit. The West of England Combined Authority has little influence over these services. However, we work with the bus companies to improve journeys through improved bus priority, bus stops, electronic real-time information and publicity. On commercial services, the Combined Authority has no direct control of the route, timetables or fares. It does however improve the infrastructure – such as bus stops and bus lanes.

The Combined Authority does not pay anything towards keeping these services running except reimbursing bus companies for free travel by concessionary fare card-holders, which is a government requirement.

Some transport services are financially supported for the following reasons:

  • At times when commercial operators claim services or parts of services are unprofitable such as: routes with low passenger numbers, early morning services, late evening services and Sundays;
  • On routes which are deemed to be socially necessary or help connect commercially operated routes e.g. orbital services/shopper services.

These financially supported services are known as Supported Bus Services.

Survey available in other formats:
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  • Anyone from any background


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