Local Plan Partial Update - Publication Draft Consultation

Closes 8 Oct 2021

How to complete the form

Thank you for choosing to complete the response form online. This form has two parts:

Part A – Personal Details

If you are an Planning Agent and/or responding on behalf of a client, please put your clients details in this section and input your details in the separate Agent Details form

Part B – Your representation

If you are commenting on more than one section of the plan you can complete multiple versions of the Part B form for each comment, without having to recomplete Part A.

It is also possible to upload supporting documents to this section of the form. 

Benefits of completing the form online

The form has 'save and return' feature which allows respondents to come back to their incomplete survey response at a later date without losing the information they've already entered as part of their response.

The user must have cookies enabled in their web browser to use this feature, and the feature is not available for responses that have already been completed and submitted.

Upon completion you will receive an email with receipt and a link to a PDF copy of you response

Please contact uf you are having difficulty in completing the form online, either by phone on 01225 394041 (choose option 6) or by emailing us at planning_policy@bathnes.gov.uk

1. Do you give consent for your response to be used as part of the consultation?

More information

Please note that while anyone can comment on consultations on local Planning Policy documents; we cannot accept confidential or anonymous comments and your name (but not any other details) may be published alongside the comments.  For more information on what Planning does with personal information please see the Council’s privacy policy and the Planning specific privacy policy